Severe Spinal Fusion Pain Part 1

Cathy was referred to us by Caring Medical for an assessment to determine if adjustments could help her complex condition. In 2020, Cathy underwent spinal fusion from C3-T2 due to debilitating arm weakness. While the fusion improved much of her weakness, it severely limited her range of motion. After contracting COVID-19 in June 2022, Cathy experienced a significant setback with numbness, pain, and weakness in her arms, shoulders, and neck. She also developed new onset vertigo and dizziness, which were physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. Part 1 of this series shares Cathy's initial steps toward recovery. Part 2 will discuss how changes to her spine, resulting from violent coughing and vomiting, triggered her new Long COVID symptoms and worsened her post-surgical condition, along with an update on her current status.

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