‘Brain / Body’ nerve health and blood flow

Improving and optimizing spinal curvature offers profound benefits to our overall health. Our specific and individualized curve correction care plans often allow patients to perform them primarily from home. Connect with us here and through www.doctorHutcheson.com. We are releasing content featuring some of the most common pathologies we see, along with examples of exercises, tips, and tricks that individuals can try at home for relief.

Leonardo DaVinci’s anatomical drawings

In this short video, Dr. Hutcheson discusses Leonardo DaVinci’s anatomical drawings, which remain relevant even after 600 years. He examines a 1496 anatomical model that displays an elongated styloid process. Once considered incidental, experts now believe these elongations grow due to trauma or compensate for poor health. Normal spinal curves—such as cervical lordosis, thoracic kyphosis, and lumbar lordosis—have always been vital for human health. These curves have remained consistent with modern medical texts since 1500 A.D. Maintaining these curves optimizes spinal cord, nerve, and circulatory system function, reducing structural issues for better overall health.

The Trifecta


Dr. Hutcheson integrates Digital Motion X-Ray, Upper Cervical chiropractic, and spinal curve correction synergistically to address various health issues. Digital Motion X-Ray uncovers hidden chronic problems, while Upper Cervical chiropractic care taps into the body’s healing potential, impacting brain health and overall function. Meanwhile, Curve Correction strengthens the spine and enhances circulation, mobility, and flexibility by reducing spinal cord and nerve tension. This comprehensive approach, now enhanced with Diagnostic Ultrasound, offers a precise toolkit for diagnosing and treating structural health issues effectively. Dr. Hutcheson’s expertise in combining these techniques underscores their complementary nature, providing patients with holistic care that addresses both immediate symptoms and underlying structural issues for improved overall well-being.

Cervical Jugular Vein Compression

Leo attained cervical stability and lordosis through regenerative procedures and cervical curve correction. However, he still experiences head pressure, brain fog, and neck spasms. Watch a video explaining how Thoracic Hyperextension causes compression of the Lower Cervical Internal Jugular Vein, hindering Leo’s recovery. Previously, Leo received advice to retract his shoulders and lift his chest, a common but ineffective approach. This posture now impedes his recovery by straining his posterior neck muscles as they attempt to alleviate the compression on his carotid sheath and jugular vein.

Severe Spinal Fusion Pain Part 1

Cathy was referred to us by Caring Medical for an assessment to determine if adjustments could help her complex condition. In 2020, Cathy underwent spinal fusion from C3-T2 due to debilitating arm weakness. While the fusion improved much of her weakness, it severely limited her range of motion. After contracting COVID-19 in June 2022, Cathy experienced a significant setback with numbness, pain, and weakness in her arms, shoulders, and neck. She also developed new onset vertigo and dizziness, which were physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. Part 1 of this series shares Cathy’s initial steps toward recovery. Part 2 will discuss how changes to her spine, resulting from violent coughing and vomiting, triggered her new Long COVID symptoms and worsened her post-surgical condition, along with an update on her current status.

Cervical Curve Correction Product Innovation

Doctor Hutcheson travels to San Diego to collaborate with the founder and owner of HALO Products Inc. to design the newest Cervical Curve Correction product on the market. The new product, named HALO Hutcheson Harness (HHH or Triple H), rehabilitates forward head posture when used as part of a comprehensive plan. The results of the initial testing show that the HALO Hutcheson Harness was able to open Internal Jugular Veins 300% more than the previous product. In the first few weeks since creating the HALO Hutcheson Harness, patients have been experiencing tremendous results and witnessing first hand the comfort and ease of use this new product provides.

Cervical Curve Correction

Boomerang Curve – Heart Palpitations, Anxiety, Dehydration, and More: A Cervical Curve Correction Case Study. Witness Derick’s transformation from a ‘Boomerang’ curve with severe, debilitating symptoms to a normal cervical lordosis. Under Dr. Brian Hutcheson’s guidance, Derick achieved a 90% resolution of symptoms through cervical curve correction techniques. This case study delves into the comprehensive process, exploring the various symptoms Derick experienced and the specific methods Dr. Hutcheson employed. Through a combination of targeted adjustments and consistent monitoring, Derick’s cervical curve gradually improved. This remarkable recovery highlights the potential of chiropractic care in addressing severe spinal issues and restoring quality of life. Dr. Hutcheson’s expertise and dedication played a crucial role in Derick’s journey to better health. This case serves as an inspiring example for others suffering from similar conditions, showcasing the effectiveness of personalized chiropractic interventions.